A structured program for clubs to reward and celebrate accomplishments while resolving any issues and strengthening membership.

Optimist International C.A.R.E Program


C.A.R.E is a new Optimist International initiative, launched in the 2023-2024 Optimist year, designed to help clubs engage and retain their members and identify new ideas for club activities.  We all put great effort into recruiting new members and must do more to keep our existing members.  C.A.R.E. can help clubs do just that.

By initiating this program within your club, you give all members a chance to have a voice in identifying and celebrating the good things done by members and the club, addressing things that may need attention, recognizing individuals for their contributions and ensuring that your club can excel in the future.

The basics of the program is that a club would make the decision to hold a C.A.R.E. event.  The date and venue would be selected, and the club would identify a facilitator to coordinate the survey of members.  The facilitator must be an Optimist member but cannot be a member of that club.  The district will provide training to the facilitator who will ideally be someone known to and respected by club members, perhaps a past Governor, Lieutenant Governor or any other member that meets that standard.

While the club social committee plans the party, the facilitator sends out four, and only four, questions to each and every club member. 

What went well with the club?

What could the club work on?

What makes you happy to be a member?

Do you have a new idea for the club?

The results are anonymous and are returned to the facilitator for review and summarization.

At the C.A.R.E. event, the facilitator will provide a summary of the feedback but will always respect the confidentiality of each submission.  If sensitive personal concerns have been provided, the facilitator will address those in a more private setting.  The event could be held at year-end or any other time the club selects.  The social or organizing committee is encouraged to hand out certificates of appreciation to as many members as possible.  This should be a celebration that energizes all members of the club.

And don’t forget the cake.  Every great party you ever attended had one!

For more information on the program check out the link to the Optimist Institute or contact a member of your district member engagement committee.

Click here to download a copy of the C.A.R.E. Presentation.