Celebrate + Address + Recognize = Excel

The new C.A.R.E. program is a structured plan for clubs to celebrate accomplishments while resolving issues and strengthening membership. The four-step annual program is designed to help keep Optimist Club membership healthy, strong and engaged, while allowing everyone to feel they have a voice in their Club’s direction.


Host an annual party for your Club members. Send out invites and ask a fellow Optimist to facilitate the program. Celebrate the Club’s accomplishments and discuss the impact you have had in your community over cake.

Send out anonymous member surveys through Survey Monkey or JotForm two weeks before the event. It’s important that the survey be anonymous so that members can give honest feedback. 

Include these four questions: 


Have the guest facilitator review the survey responses and have an open, unbiased discussion. Be sure to ask a person who is not a member of your Club to be your facilitator. Some facilitator suggestions include a past or current Governor, Lt. Governor or member of a nearby Club.

Address any reasons why members might leave the Club and make a list of potential improvements. 


Recognize any issues, areas for improvement and ways to strengthen membership, then create an opportunity to recognize members for their accomplishments, exceptional work and efforts throughout the year. Honor members with appreciation awards or a Member of the Year award.


Plan to move forward together as a stronger Club.

Please fill out this C.A.R.E. intake form if your club would like to host a C.A.R.E. event. Once you've hosted your event, please fill out this C.A.R.E. Completion form to let us know how it went!

C.A.R.E. Resources

Program Overview Flyer

Sample Agenda

Sample Invitation

Member Review Survey

C.A.R.E PowerPoint Presentation

C.A.R.E. Club Participation Form

C.A.R.E. Intake Form

C.A.R.E. Completion Form