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Greetings fellow Midwestern Ontario Optimists!

As we step into a new Optimist year, we should pause and reflect on 2019-2020 for the year it was. A chance to refresh and renew! We were given the opportunity to pause, evaluate, reconfigure and reinvent our programs and how we serve our youth and communities.

My sincerest thanks to Past Governor Paul and First Lady Colleen for their efforts to promote District service to Clubs, as well as delivering financial assistance to us all.

As we PRESS ON TO GREATER ACHIEVEMENTS OF THE FUTURE, let’s keep in mind that the renewal of Club programs may require the addition of members to our Clubs. New members that can offer the skills needed to take our activities into the virtual world, not just the “in-person” one we all enjoy.

Let’s take a few minutes to evaluate where the holes are in our games, and fill them with new and enthusiastic members that can offer us ways to further serve our communities. That person in the corner (always on their device) may be the key to your club’s future success. Look at other groups in your community and see if adding Optimism to their organization can assist them. Adding Optimist resources may be all they need to accomplish their goals. You may be working alongside the next Optimist Club in our District and not even know it!

To resurrect a quote from an earlier program a few years ago - JUST ASK!

Reflect on your past ideas, polish them up, infuse some new technology and BRING THEM BACK FOR OUR FUTURE!

You CAN do it. To quote the wisest being in the universe, “There is no try, only do...”(Yoda).

Don’t let the current situation we all find ourselves in stop you from bringing out the best in youth, communities - and yourselves!!

Our climate mandates that the Districts change how we serve and support our member-clubs. None of these changes will stop us. So, embrace the changes we must make for now with open minds and hearts, and know we will do our BEST to serve you, the members of Midwestern Ontario District of Optimist International.

Wishing you all success in 2020-2021.

Yours in Optimism,

Optimist Darcy Walsh, Governor

Midwestern Ontario District

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"Optimist International will be recognized worldwide as the premier volunteer organization that values all children and helps them develop to their full potential."

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Midwestern Ontario District of Optimist International (MWOnt) is an association of Optimist Clubs and Junior Optimist Clubs located in designated areas of midwestern Ontario, each dedicated to helping youth and communities.

Each club is a member of a Zone with an assigned Lieutenant Governor who liaises between clubs and their District. Our District is led by a Governor, who is elected and serves for a one year term. Each District is also part of a Region made up of multiple Districts, and all Regions are represented around the world by Optimist International. Midwestern Ontario District is part of the Northeast Great Lakes Region of Optimist International. Read More Here.

Welcome to Midwestern Ontario District of Optimist International as we support our Optimist Clubs in 2020-2021!