H.O.B.Y. Canada

HOBY Canada is the Canadian branch of the Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership (HOBY) organization. HOBY is a non-profit youth leadership development organization founded by actor Hugh O'Brian in 1958. Its mission is to inspire and develop young people to become ethical and effective leaders in their communities. 

HOBY Canada organizes leadership seminars and programs designed to empower high school students to recognize their leadership potential and take action to make a positive difference in their schools, communities, and beyond. These programs typically involve interactive workshops, discussions, and hands-on activities focused on leadership skills, social responsibility, and personal development.

Through its initiatives, HOBY Canada aims to cultivate a network of young leaders who are equipped with the skills, confidence, and passion to lead and serve others, contributing to positive social change in Canada and beyond.

The clubs in our district are proud to support H.O.B.Y. both financially and with volunteers.

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