Optimist Dues & the ACH Program

Optimist International Dues and the ACH Program

There has been some recent confusion over where Canadian clubs should send their cheques for their Optimist International dues.  To get each of you the correct information we checked directly with the accounting department at OI.

Michele Ervin, Accounts Receivable Manager at OI, advises the correct address to send payments is 

Optimist International
C/O M05835, PO Box 11409
Succursale Centre-Ville, Montreal, Quebec
H3C 5H1

“This is the address for the lockbox at Royal Bank. Once the bank receives checks, they send us a report listing the checks so I can post the payments.  We no longer have a Montreal office so any checks sent to the old address would either be returned to sender or lost in the mail.”

Please take note of the address above, but for even greater efficiency, consider signing up for the ACH program. The acronym stands for Automated Clearing House and once initiated by a club, it allows dues and new member administrative fees to be directly deposited to OI.  Many of you probably pay your utility bills in the same way.

All you need to do is complete the ACH Debit Authorization Agreement form that OI supplies and send it, along with a voided cheque from the bank account you choose to OI’s accounting department at any one of the following addresses:

FAX: (314) 371-6006

Email: ar@optimist.org

Mail: Optimist International, Attn:  Accounting Department, 4494 Lindell Boulevard, St. Louis, MO 63108

The link to the form is below and you can also find the link to the form on our District website in the forms section.

You can contact the accounting department at the above email address or by phone at 1 (800) 500-8130 extension 222 for more information.